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Kubernetes 101 Workshop: Deploying a Simple Web App onto Kubernetes

Sarah Zelechoski provides hands-on instructions for standing up clusters, deploying a simple web application, and scaling your app properly.

Monitored Infrastructure is Not Fun... But it's Critical

Scaling and automation only work when detailed monitoring is put in place. Monitored infrastructure is critical, but a lot of companies don’t make time for it.

Why Automated Infrastructure is Key and How it Saves Time

Automated infrastructure is about saving time while having fewer dependencies. This post will cover: config management, deployment automation, and auto scaling.

The Importance of Scaling Infrastructure the Right Way

Growth and business tides are key reasons why it’s important to scale infrastructure the right way. The goal is to make sure your infrastructure is flexible.

How to Leverage AWS Lambda for DevOps Backup and Recovery

AWS Lambda allows you to identify all of the failure or disaster situations that can occur (and their potential business impact) – in advance.

Don’t Let the Cloud Bring You Down: The Importance of Cloud Server Backups

Identify what you want to protect, then create a disaster recovery plan that covers critical infrastructure and data– The Importance of cloud server backups.