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Kubernetes emptyDir is not the same as Docker's volumes-from

Kubernetes offers various types of volumes. The one that comes closest is the emptyDir. Kubernetes `emptyDir` is not the same as Docker's `--volumes-from`.

How to Run Logentries in a Kubernetes Environment

I’ve compiled some notes and thoughts on getting Logentries running in a Kubernetes environment.

Easily encrypted root volumes on AWS with Ansible

Whether or not root volumes on AWS need to be encrypted is a subject of debate. Since we use Ansible, we put together a role that creates an encrypted AMI.

3 Things I’ve Learned about Ansible (The Hard Way)

Ansible’s simple requirements make it very easy to get started. But once you get a bit deeper some things might end up causing discomfort.

Another Look at Amazon Elasticsearch Service

I recently took another look at Amazon Elastic Service. Some of these observations include supported versions, access controls and more dedicated master choices

Monitoring and Logging

When something goes wrong, monitoring and logging all the things will help you understand the data and troubleshoot the issue.